Build a bright future

14 April 2020


In the highly competitive job environment the demand from the industry is not for a generic professional, but for an expert who does not take a long training time and is “ready for the job” from the Day 1 itself. Besides this, industry is also demanding specialised knowledge in one’s chosen professional field from the initial stage. Accordingly, it has become important for students to start developing comprehensive domain knowledge right from their undergraduate course.

Many colleges and institutions in India have understood the need of the hour and are focusing on courses that enable graduates to be industry-ready, productive, efficient and employable (even self-employable) from the time they step out of college. So, it is important for students to look for sectors with bright job potential and choose relevant courses in college.- says Prof. Anupam Saxena MRICS, Associate Dean and Director of School of Real Estate, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University.