Coronavirus outbreak: Here's how Covid-19 is adversely affecting the education sector

12 May 2020


The education sector in India is usually at its busiest during this time of the year with board exams, entrance tests, admissions, summer internships - all going on concurrently - everyone upbeat for the next academic year. The scenario this year too was similar till mid-March and then suddenly everything was put to grinding halt when the Covid-19 claimed its first victim in the country.

UNESCO figures indicate that over 32 crore students, across the world, from pre-primary to higher education levels, have been impacted by a lockdown in India. Academic calendar for Indian students has been affected for around two months now with no clear resolution of the situation in sight. Looking at this uncertainty, primary and middle school children have already been promoted to next grade based on internal assessments, like class tests, projects, assignments, presentations, class participations etc.- Professor Anupam Saxena, Dean & Director, RICS SBE(RICS School of Built Environment) 

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