DTV Raghu Rama Swamy presents research on Urban Water PPP at AsRES conference

18 July 2016

Prof. DTV Raghu Rama Swamy, Director, School of Infrastructure, presented his paper on the topic ‘Assessing Determinants of PPP Project Performance: Applying AHP to Urban Drinking Water Sector in India' at the 21st Asian Real Estate Society Conference (AsRES). The three day conference was held in Bengaluru between 13-15 July 2016.

The 21st AsRES international conference was hosted by the University of Melbourne and the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru with the support of the University of Queensland at the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru campus. This conference provided a unique opportunity for real estate academics, practitioners and policy makers to share current research findings on topics related to real estate markets, property management, housing, urban economics, urban planning, real estate finance, property investment, property development, green buildings and regulation and government policies.


Research on themes that are pertinent to emerging economies of Asia such as affordable housing, big data in real estate, PPP in infrastructure, land financing, technology, construction management and infrastructure finance, were discussed amidst a gathering of over 200 attendees.

Prof. DTV Raghu Rama Swamy’s paper, ‘Assessing Determinants of PPP Project Performance: Applying AHP to Urban Drinking Water Sector in India’, explores the Urban Drinking Water PPP Trends from 90s to 2013, parameters that affect performance of PPP projects and their relative importance along with the critical factors that affect urban drinking water sector projects in India.
For research purpose, the following methodologies were used:

  • Review of national and international literature that analyses critical success factors influencing success of PPP projects, and in particular urban drinking water sector.
  • Interactions with sector experts for identifying factors in Indian context
  • Questionnaire for applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Structured interviews with stakeholders (government, developers, financial institutions and consultants)

The results were further used to analyze findings to arrive at ranking and relative weights. 

AHP Urban Water PPP findings

Along with Prof. Raghu, the following faculty from RICS SBE also presented at the conference:
1.     Mr. Ameet Sao
2.     Mr. Amim Ahmad
3.     Ms. Anjula Negi
4.     Ms. Aparna Soni
5.     Mr. Ashish Gupta
6.     Ms. Kruti Upadhyay
7.     Mr. Kushagra Kunwar Bhatnagar
8.     Ms. Reema Bali
9.     Mr. Saurabh Verma