Ethic & Leadership Workshop

30 January 2019


An interactive learning session came to fruition through a Workshop on “Ethics & Leadership “which was conducted by Dr. Uday Dharmadikari on Thursday, 24th Jan 2019, 14.00 -17.00 hrs in Seminar Hall at RICSSBE, Mumbai. Dr. Dharmadikari is an innovative thinker with over 38 years of experience and has been a business leader for over 18 years. He has gained a name in the area of brand building, creating ethical, profitable and sustainable business units in India and overseas.
After a brief presentation by Dr. Dharamadhikari, groups of students were formed. Each group consisted of 5 students. Each group was given Caselets on Ethical Dilemma to discuss and bring out solutions through the presentation.

The Second activity consisted of Role Plays. A Role play sheet was distributed, students had to discuss and enact the situation.

The workshop concluded by announcing the Best-Case study presentation and the best role play.