Hands-on training session on Tekla Structures BIM software

12 November 2014

The School has been instrumental in providing contemporary IT skills that serve as a vital component of what the students are required to be trained on to keep up with their real-time productivity. To ensure the students get the best hands-on training and become the aficionados of the construction industry, RICS SBE organized a four-day training session with Tekla. 

Tekla structures help create accurate and reliable models needed for building information modeling and construction execution and allow the flow of information from design and fabrication, detailing to the construction site. The Tekla structures software explains how workflows and BIM processes further fit in building projects, fabrication and construction.

The School of Construction had integrated the Tekla structures software training in the Construction Project Management programs for students who aim to implement BIM in the future.   


The training was conducted by Tekla experts Vijaykumar MS, Technical Executive and R Rajasekar, Sr. Product Specialist to provide students with a firm foundation and make them acquainted with the most advanced softwares.

During these four days of rigorous training, the students were taught to carry out each stage of a project. Day 1 covered introduction and basic modelling tools and commands. Day 2 was more detailed out with creating basic frame models. Filters, model organizer and reports were taught on the 3rd day and project management, estimation and site and production planning were highlighted on the 4th day of the learning session. The School now has Tekla installed softwares in the computer lab, which has more than 30 computers.

The students have been very enthusiastic about the training and plan to continue using these softwares during their professional careers.