International Internships 2018 | Sowing the seeds for the future

10 August 2018


The world that we live in is facing huge challenges such as mass urbanization, climate change, and resource scarcity. Future professionals of the built environment, especially in rapidly developing countries such as India need to be ready in order to provide solutions to some of these challenges. Therefore, it is essential for them to understand how the developed countries of the world have tackled such issues when similar challenges are to be dealt by the developing countries.

One of the highlights of internships 2018 was international internships offered and undertaken by the students of RICS SBE. This year, in particular, has been terrific in terms of international internships. Our students interned at multiple locations around the world where they learned new insights, understood built environment of the world and above all, had a fantastic experience.


Two students from Mumbai campus, Sailee Sawant and Tanisha Shetty, went to JLL MENA in their Dubai office where they were part of the strategic consulting team and worked on some of the key tasks usually handled by full-time employees while also making the most of time outside the work hours resulting in a fruitful experience. 


31 students from both Noida & Mumbai campus attended Liverpool Summer Internship Program at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) where they were exposed to UK built environment sector and learned about Building Information Modelling (BIM), drone technology, lean, data analytics etc. Two students, Dhruva Prabhu & Osho Kumar, bagged an extra paid internship after completion of their first internship at LJMU. They started working in Teknobuilt Limited, London where they worked on preparation for live AWP methodology projects, industry research and case studies. 


The icing on the cake was when two of our students, Kartik Saxena and Diksha Goel, from Noida campus, were offered fully paid internships at Orlando, Florida, USA with Feltrim Group, Realtors & Developers. Both Kartik and Diksha were part of the conference management team for Global Luxury Realty Conclave at Delhi in Jan 2018. Their talent got noticed and they bagged an offer to intern at Feltrim Group, USA.  Kartik and Diksha were exposed to USA real estate and facility management sector while also developing industry contacts around the world. 


Consistently, this year as well, some of our students attended REACh Asian Cities program in collaboration with The Real Estate Academy of China. Yash Nandeshwar, Aniket Madav and Pranav Mundada travel to six Asian cities, namely Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore, to get a flavor of real estate and construction markets there.
With a well-founded belief that international exposure plays a major role when you want to succeed in today’s globalized economy - especially in the world of built environment, we are very delightful to see the progress our students are making and the mark they are leaving around the world.