Student run start-up RUBIKS, inauguration ceremony held on 10th January 2019

25 January 2019


On January 10th, 2019, RUBIKS organized a small ceremony at RICS School of Built Environment, Noida Campus to mark the beginning of their start-up journey by moving into RICS SBE Built Environment Incubator BUILT- TANK. RUBIKS is the first student run start-up in Facilities Management space to be incubated by RICS SBE BUILT-TANK, an incubator dedicated to promoting innovation in the Built Environment Sector.

“Rubiks is a classic example of excellent team work in Built Environment, it is a Facilities Management venture majorly founded by School of Construction students and being actively mentored by School of Real Estate faculty, so it has no walls, therefore bound to fly. BUILT-TANK is the perfect runway for flight RUBIKS to take-off.”- Prof. Shipra Goel (Head BUILT-TANK, Associate Professor of RICS SBE), (10-01-2019)

RUBIKS took its genesis in the hands of two emerging RICS SBE student entrepreneurs K. Pavan Kumar Reddy (MBA CPM) and Sreeram Gade (MBA REUI) as they stood in front drilling through the obstacles. Their torch paved way for other 15 plus vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurs who were sovereigns in various degrees and expertise. All shouldered equal responsibilities side by side as brothers. As they say, “All epics originate from masterminds of brothers”. The secret behind the success of RUBIKS is its culture. The organization is of one mind, one goal and one rule. In order to leave its mark on the world, RUBIKS chose its organization structure with various verticals which are BD and Procurement, PR and Media, Finance, Research, Operations and Design teams.

RUBIKS aim to create a unique approach to tackle the routine gaps and obstacles. RUBIKS stood far in front, leaving many milestones and case studies for others. RUBIKS is always in appetite to splash any void in Built environment. To start its operations RUBIKS chose Real Estate, Facilities Management.

“It’s a wonder to know that a successful start-up needs zero investment, If I’m young enough I would compete with RUBIKS” – Dr. Joseph V Thanikal, Ph.D (Associate Dean and Director of RICS SBE), (10-01-2019)

RUBIKS has an intangible asset which is the quantum of hearts of every faculty in RICS SBE. Their continuous support and proper motivation paved a way for many of its milestones. Recognition by The Amity Innovation Incubator, first start-up in facilities management from RICS-SBE that has received recognition from the Amity E-Cell, collaboration with CREDAI Vizianagaram heads for Vizianagaram chapter, recognition from the RICS E-Cell “BUILT TANK” as the first start-up to be incubated in the institution, the list goes on and the history is written along.

“When I saw 15 students willing to become Entrepreneurs in a class of 60, I thought I had hit a jackpot. We learn a lot from these young Entrepreneurs. They challenge the status-quo and are visionaries” – Prof. Shipra Goel (Associate Professor of RICS SBE), (10-01-2019)

As a part of first prestigious project in Facilities management RUBIKS focused on project Gulshan Vivante worth INR4.2 Cr. RUBIKS take pride in revealing that it was a learning experience to compete along three big players in the industry and RFP was floated to Colliers, CBRE, JLL and RUBIKS. RUBIKS aims to bag in a minimum of 3-4 projects in facilities management wing by end of April 2019.

Amity University in collaboration with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises conducted the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Leadership (ICEIL’18). RUBIKS was given an opportunity from RICS-SBE to present our start-up at a global level.

RUBIKS is yet to explore its new dimensions in Built environment. It’s currently working to unveil PMC and Asset management. If you are reading this, you are one of the stake holders of RUBIKS. Who knows where you would stumble up with RUBIKS in your life! It’s all just a start, RUBIKS history is still to unfold.

“They had done exceedingly well in managing the stakeholders and it’s just the beginning” – Gautam Pant (Associate Professor of RICS SBE), (10-01-2019)

It’s just ignition, wild fires would leave imprints of RUBIKS in every heart on every path.