Sunil Agarwal coaches professionals on brokerage concepts

10 May 2016

Prof. Sunil Agarwal, Associate Dean, School Of Real Estate delivered a workshop on the theme ‘Changing scope of brokerage transactions and services.'

The workshop was a part of the ongoing RICS Real Estate Workshop Series, organized by RICS and presented by Tata Housing and was held on 19 May in Mumbai and 20 May in Bengaluru.

Attended by over 120 delegates, rhe one-day workshop delved into the intricacies of brokerage transactions and services. Market structures, channel partners, agent responsibilities, asset classes, transaction and negotiations were some of the major topics covered. The emphasis was on how the market has evolved and what the current conditions are, the importance of brokers in real estate and how commercial and residential property should be transacted and negotiated along with commissions charged.

The workshop was divided into four sessions. The first session was 'Markets – Then and Now', the second was titled as 'Market Structure & Agent Responsibilities', the third one was 'Channel Partners – importance & role in residential real estate', and the fourth and the concluding session was 'Negotiations, Transactions Process and Case Study. The workshop ended with a 'learnings & future course segment' followed by an interactive question and answer round, and distribution of certificates to the attendees.

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The participants were appreciative of the demonstrative case study and it engaged them quite well. This workshop helped participants understand client requirements better and how brokers need to do their homework and be prepared for client management and communication with a focus on negotiating strategies. Along with Sunil Agarwal, Adjunct Faculty Dr. Satish Bajaj was also part of the training workshop.