2018 Liverpool Summer Internship Program [L-SIP] in Built Environment launched

07 February 2018

Liverpool Summer Internship Program [L-SIP] in Built Environment has been launched as a result of RICS SBE & Liverpool John Moores University collaboration. The program is open for all MBA students of our school.

A global internship is the best way to gain an international exposure and emerge as a global professional. To help our students do the same, we have created a new avenue of international internship at the Department of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University.

On 5 February 2018, Dr Anil Sawhney FRICS, Professor of Project Management in the Department of Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University personally visited our Noida campus to announce the launch of the internship program titled the ‘Liverpool Summer Internship Program [L-SIP] in Built Environment 2018. The program, which starts on 4 June 2018, is aimed at giving students an all-encompassing experience in the broad themes of construction, quantity surveying, real estate and facilities management. Participating students would gain an exposure to the UK built environment sector, along with professional practice in the field of construction project management, quantity surveying, real estate, and facilities management. Emerging areas like Building Information Modelling (BIM), drone technology, sensors, PropTech, ConTech, FMTech and more would also be covered.

You can check out complete program details like key components, program fee, schedule, and more, here.

You may also reach out to Shiv Prasad, Assistant Professor - School of Real Estate, who is facilitating the program from our end.